What You Doin'


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Aye girl what you doin there with all that
Poking from the back
It’s curving through my plasma TV, 3D
Hold up, relax
You hear me on this CD
Look like graffiti with all these tats
They need it,
I feed em wax
And they sculpt it just like my dick
And I’m hopeless
Got this vendetta,
Vagina causes my grammar
To reach or drop to a level
That rivals Jesus competitors
Without a woman to settle with
Sediments rise
Evidence, dresses disguise devils
Exposing they thighs
Revel in strokin scrotums
Dismantle it hocus-pocus
Then pop up like Facebook chats
And I bloop til the night is over
Then loop the beat til like Hova
I prey my baby get me
And I wish she know she had me
Cuz good lawd have mercy
These hoes tempt me


(Aye what you doin girl, with all that)
She aint have to screw nothin
Move nothin
We blew somethin
To just sit back and do nothing

Verse II:

In the, middle of my soul I compose pain
My thoughts were the clearest,
Spirits lifted then hoes came
Prose framed
Gifted with scriptures so those solos sang
Like a 19 year old Tyrese Gibson
Til my throat showed veins
Sweet lady, sweet lady, sweet lady (Harmonies)
You never believed it
You never condoned it
You never conceived it
And as far as I can perceived,
You never belonged in
Never stayed long,
Let him creep in
Had me teetering off in the deep end
Swim along with the freaks and
This is liquid dreamin…
And I gotta do just what I gotta
And if I lose my pride
Guess what Sally swallowed


(Aye what you doin girl, with all that)
She aint have to screw nothin
Move nothin
We blew somethin
To just sit back and do nothing

Verse III:

Sober mind drunken hearted
Depression started
Looking for a nice compartment
Wit an apartment to put my parts it
Valet, i aint even tryna park
Just pull up, pull out, then off again
Gassed up that I crash
Thirsting for love
Now I’m parched within
She bound to bend and I’m down to sin
Areola pop out that blouse
I’m real ratchet, no box spring
Just a mattress to work you out
She get turned on when my tunes up
thou art loosed
In them new pumps
I bruise some but dont break hearts
Partake as I’m taken apart
One Ken doll with no purpose
Kem album I purchased
man whore will soon surface
Float a top cuz im drowned in hurt,
No worries
Blurry so hurry hurry
Run to the alter
I know you ain’t a hoe
But hoe remember what I taught you


Lyrics by NoTiQ (Gabriel A. Rudd)
Vocal Performance by NoTiQ (Gabriel A. Rudd)
Production by Jay B Beats
Recorded at Rich Productions (Marietta, Georgia)
Mixed by Peter Richmond
Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse
Mastered by Rodney Mills



all rights reserved


NOTIQ Marietta

Born in Albany, Georgia ,Atlanta Rap Recording Artist, NoTiQ, releases "The iLliterate Papers". Previous releases include "The Prelude EP"

Founder/CEO of The iLliterate Papers, LLC and Executive Producer of b.ware's "The Red Tape Chronicles" available now at www.bwarefaction.com.
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